Access and Equity

Anglican Care will provide specialised services within the resources of Anglican Care to residents/consumers entitled to them under the requirements of the Aged Care Act and will ensure that these services are free from any form of discrimination irrespective of a persons’ country of birth, language, culture, race, religion or sexual orientation. Provision of Aged Care services will maintain sensitivity towards the special needs and requirements of persons from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, the socially disadvantaged, care leavers, veterans or persons who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex persons and be responsive as far as practical to the particular circumstances of individuals.

Anglican Care considers that all Australians who are eligible and in need of Aged Care Services are equally entitled to receive it. Culture, language, religion or sexual orientation should in no way compromise this right. Regular consultation with resident/consumers will ensure Anglican Care remains responsive to the diversity of needs, fully respecting their cultural and linguistic backgrounds and deliver equitable outcomes.