Benefits of Working Beyond Retirement Age

Senior person working with young carpenter working at workshop using digital tablet

Benefits of Working Beyond Retirement Age

There are many benefits to be had working beyond your retirement years. In fact, some people may struggle to know what to do with their time upon retiring.

If you fall into that category, why not consider working beyond your retirement years and enjoy the benefits of:

  • providing money to fund your lifestyle
  • increasing your social life outside of the family unit
  • feelings of job satisfaction and pride
  • furthering your skills and learning new things, both of which can assist to keep your mind active.

You may choose to take a part-time job. Did you know the Government has a Work Bonus scheme to help mature workers. The Work Bonus excludes the first $250 of fortnightly income from the assessment for the Age Pension for those who are deemed eligible. Eligibility requires you to:

  • receive a pension
  • be over the age pension age
  • work for an employer.

Find out more about the Work Bonus and watch a video explaining how it works.

Need help looking for a job?

For those seniors wanting to look for work but aren’t sure where to start why not try looking up what jobs are on offer in your local area via the website Older Workers. It is specifically for senior job hunters from all regions and cities within Australia.


You may wish to use your skills in other ways and give back to the community through volunteering. Did you know volunteering can help improve your mental health? The act of giving can ignite in volunteers feelings of gratitude for what you have in your own life, and can inspire you to continue your much valued voluntary work. GoVolunteer is a website that can assist you in finding local volunteer work. Or why not become a valued member of the Anglican Care volunteer team – we are always looking for volunteers.

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