Can’t wait to move into a Nursing Home you say?

Aged care residents playing games

Can’t wait to move into a Nursing Home you say?

We often hear seniors say, “I never want to end up in a Nursing Home” and there are certainly a number of stereotypes surrounding them. Naturally, the majority of people want to remain living in their own homes for the entirety of their lives. But what if you do get to the point where you or a loved one needs a greater level of care or daily living assistance? What can you expect when you move into a nursing home – or as they are more commonly referred to these days – a residential aged care home? Let’s dispel some of those negative connotations.

Over the past 5-10 years, the majority of aged care providers have moved away from a shared room/shared bathroom environment to single rooms with ensuites. That’s great news for the privacy of residents, families and visitors. Whilst we are talking about visitors, in most homes they are encouraged to visit residents whenever they can. No set visiting hours. Many modern aged care homes are architecturally designed with stylish interiors and furnishings. Residents at these newer homes receive services such as high-quality meals, onsite laundry and cleaning.

We are all living longer and that has meant a great change in the average age of seniors in care. Nowadays, residents are more likely to be in their 80s and 90s. Generally, these residents have fairly high care needs. Therefore, modern-day residential homes have the benefits of highly skilled nursing staff, the very best level of clinical care and in some cases, dementia specific wings and therapies, even hair salons.

So what happens beyond providing you with quality care, a nice environment and having your basic needs met? How do homes ensure their residents to have the very best quality of life, wherever they might be on life’s journey? “It’s all about providing a fun and vibrant community where residents are able to remain connected socially, whilst ensuring they can come and go from their home as they please. Our Lifestyle and Wellbeing programs encourage seniors to enjoy their hobbies and develop new interests too”, said Jane Meldrum, Anglican Care’s Lifestyle, Wellbeing and Diversity Manager. “It’s not at all unusual to see our residents out at concerts, enjoying art and music, surfing the net on their iPad – or even going head to head on the Xbox Kinect playing ten-pin bowling with friends.”

Just like the move to any new home, making the move into residential aged care requires research. Some great websites to look at are:

Nothing beats taking a tour of different homes to really get a feel for the staff and the surroundings – you might be pleasantly surprised!

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