Community care services for older people

Home care packages for older people

Community care services for older people

People in Australia are living longer than ever before. However, this newfound longevity can present some unique challenges. Many older people prefer to stay in their home. This can be for many reasons – out of simple comfort, emotional attachment, wanting to maintain social networks or convenience. All of these, and more are valid reasons to stay in your home, and in fact, can be beneficial to your overall health. The Australian Institute for Health and Wellness found that those seniors who maintained strong social connections were much more likely to be healthier not only mentally, but physically as well. Thus, staying in your home can be not only an empowering choice but a healthy one as well.

However, you might have concerns about getting around, making food, and accessing healthcare. Luckily, the Australian government has established multiple programs to address a variety of circumstances that you or a loved one may find themselves in. These are referred to as ‘community care’ or ‘help at home’ services.

The Commonwealth Home Support Program is funded by the Australian government to provide entry-level services for frail older persons to assist them to remain independent. Similarly, the Home Care Package Programme is also funded by the Australian government and is for those people who might need a more coordinated plan or higher level services to meet their specific needs. There is also a program specifically for veterans. Ultimately, there are multiple programs that exist to meet your or a loved one’s specific needs.

However, navigating the various programs and options available can be difficult. While it can be daunting, we are here to help.

If you need assistance or advice on what services may best suit your needs, or want to learn more please contact us.