How to talk to your parents about aged care

A mother and daughter considering their aged care options

How to talk to your parents about aged care

How do you start a conversation with your parents about aged care? It can be a subject nobody wants to face, so we tend to leave it for another day. The trouble with holding off is it’s not just one conversation that you’ll need to have, the reality is unless urgent decisions are to be made, it’s likely you will need to have a series of talks before decisions come about.

Our advice is to do your homework before you begin the conversation. What concerns do you have about them? Write them down. Does their home have too many trip hazards? Are they taking their medication regularly? Are they able to get to appointments, or pay their bills on time, or at all?

Then we suggest you educate yourself on the options available in their local area. When you do this, don’t just consider their health status now – think about what options they may need if their mobility diminishes. This could affect their ability to cook, clean, shower. Their medical needs may even increase, and they need specialist nursing care to come to them.

Once you know what options there are out there, discuss them with your parents but don’t rush them. Although you might be ready to make a decision, they may not. Ask how you can help make planning for their future easier. Perhaps you can make phone calls on their behalf. There may be aged care providers that could come to their home to discuss options, or you could make appointments and take them to visit potential retirement living villages or nursing homes. This is a process that everyone can get involved in.

When researching their available options, consider the benefits of staying at home – perhaps your parents qualify for a home care package or another form of government home support. This could be an alternative to a retirement living village, which can offer seniors a friendly secure home with access to a like-minded community. Or should there be a need for full-time care, a nursing home may be the best option. These are tough decisions to make, but your help can make all the difference to your parent’s ongoing quality of life as they age.

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