Dementia and Palliative Care

How we specialise – Palliative Care

Anglican Care has adopted the Palliative Approach as a holistic and nurse led care model for all people living in residential aged care and the community with a chronic life-limiting disease. This approach is focussed on comfort, quality of life and dignity of risk. Understanding that as people approach the later years of life and require assistance with daily living, they have choices as to the medical treatment and interventions they find acceptable.

Anglican Care’s Nurse Practitioner, Jacqui Culver, works alongside a persons doctor to maintain the health and wellbeing of each individual through to end of life. Pain management and comfort are our priorities and all staff are encouraged to adopt this philosophy.

As part of our commitment to the Palliative Approach, Comfort Care Coordinators have been introduced into all of our residential aged care homes and community services to provide leadership and resources to support maximum comfort for all of our residents and consumers. Underpinning the provision of comfort care is the understanding that ‘comfort’ takes priority over ‘cure’ for many people with a life-limiting disease/s and that providing comfort relies on a collaborative approach which brings together medical, nursing, care and lifestyle professionals with a person and their family to explore what comfort means to the person at this stage in their lifespan. It also requires access to specialised support in situations where comfort cannot be achieved. Strong linkages to other more specialised health professionals and services is a key factor in ensuring comfort is maintained right through to the end of a person’s life.

Advanced care planning discussion is also a critical part of planning ahead so that each person can have their end of life wishes respected and quality of life ensured. Our Nurse Practitioner is able to provide support to residents, consumers and their families in this area.

How we specialise – Dementia Care

Palliative & Dementia CareAt Anglican Care we believe people with dementia are distinct individuals who require a well supported, therapeutic and carefully planned environment that is developmentally appropriate for their stage of cognitive decline.

Our Care and Lifestyle staff are trained to be responsive to the unique capabilities of all people with this challenging disease. Respect, dignity and love underpin care delivery alongside an activity program that spans daily routine, fun experiences and enjoyment of family and friends.

Anglican Care’s clinical leadership recognises that as dementia progresses, so too will clinical needs increase over time. Our Registered Nurses are highly skilled clinicians who lead a team of trained care workers to ensure that all of our residents maintain health and wellbeing. Referral to our Nurse Practitioner is available when a more complex clinical assessment is required. The Nurse Practitioner works closely alongside our residents Doctor to provide timely assessment and treatment, at times where a persons behaviour is indicating they may have additional needs.

At Anglican Care we understand that people with dementia are cared for best in their own home-like environment, avoiding admission to hospital where possible. Our aim is to work with the persons family in providing maximum comfort and pain relief through the advanced stages of this disease.

Meet our Nurse Practitioner

Jacqui Culver

Palliative & Dementia CareJacqui Culver has worked across the aged care sector for over 25 years in a variety of roles including: management, education and clinical leadership. Jacqui holds tertiary qualifications in management, education and professional counselling as well as a Masters in Advanced Nursing – Nurse Practitioner. Her current position as Nurse Practitioner in Palliative Care and Dementia at Anglican Care is the culmination of many years of promoting and supporting a Palliative Approach in Residential and Community Aged Care.