Tips to help you live longer

Group Of Seniors Enjoying Dancing Club Together - demonstrating a way to help you live longer

Tips to help you live longer

A long life is a success story everyone wants, and it is within our grasp. Rising numbers of people passing the 100 year milestone have shown this is an increasing opportunity for everyone. About 30% of the ability to live a long life is buried inside our genetic coding; the other 70% is from epigenetics – the environmental factors our genetics are exposed to. There are several common environmental things amongst the 100+ generation that can help point to a longer life.

Your eating habits play a massive role into this. Vegetables and fruits are one of the most important things to eat for a long life. They are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, and some researchers believe these oxidants are responsible for ageing because they damage healthy cells. Fish is another important food, as they are packed with healthy fatty acids – the omega family. Three major acids play a huge role in repair of body tissue, and in igniting certain things in the body to repair itself.

It’s important not to overeat. Our brains lag behind when we reach satiety; it takes time for our pancreas to release the enzyme that signals the hormone for hunger should quit being released. So your body not only has to push a certain chemical out, but needs to shut off the hunger hormone, and then get a message to the brain that you’re full – which takes about 10 minutes. Eat your food slowly and enjoy it to give your body a better chance at stopping you from eating too much and consuming too many calories and carbohydrates.

Staying physically active is important. Your body is a working machine, and it needs to work a certain way first in order to continue working that way. You cannot simply run 5 kilometres with no problems if you have never run a day in your life!

Sleep is one of the top things to prioritise for a longer life. This is the time of day your body repairs itself; one cycle of sleep is for emotional repair, and another cycle is for physical repair. Give your body a break and sleep in.

Managing stress is just as important as everything else. Your body releases hormones when stressed, and these hormones will attach themselves to the fat in your body, or prevent the naturally occurring hormones from getting where they need to go. Living a less stressed life can have a huge impact on longevity.

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