What is Spiritual Care?

Angel and flower - representing spiritual care

What is Spiritual Care?

To understand what spiritual care is, you must first understand what it means to be spiritual. Spirituality is sometimes confused with being religious, however, non-religious people have strong spiritual needs too. Spirituality can be described as a sense of connection to something bigger. It can also be a search for the meaning in life and other big questions such as, what is the meaning of my suffering? How am I connected to the world? And am I a good person?

Fulfilling spiritual needs can give a person a deeper sense of peace and interconnectedness. For those who are religious, spirituality might be linked to a church, temple, mosque or synagogue. Non-religious people may find their connection to their spirituality through nature, art, and relationships with a higher power. As you move through life your spiritual needs might change, adapting to your own personal experiences and relationships.

For the ageing, ample spiritual care and support have been associated with a better quality of life. Experience has shown us that spirituality can be especially important when seniors are facing social isolation, physical or emotional pain, chronic disease, anxiety or grief.

At Anglican Care, we recognise that everyone’s spiritual needs are different and that a person’s spiritual needs can change with time. Our Chaplains provide our residents and consumers with spiritual care and support by way of:

  • Spiritual support of each resident, consumer, and their families
  • An assurance of the intrinsic worth and value of our residents and consumers
  • Quality listening and a compassionate, caring presence
  • Respect for the integrity of every person’s faith or spirituality
  • Opportunities to nurture and encourage a healthy spiritual life and a strong sense of wellbeing.

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