Where can I get financial advice in retirement?

Elderly couple calculating their monthly finances at home, considering getting financial advice in their retirement

Where can I get financial advice in retirement?

Whether you are approaching retirement or already retired, financial concerns can be a considerable cause of stress. It may seem to have crept up on you quickly, and now you’re wondering if you are prepared. Did you save enough and invest wisely? Will you outlive your money? Do you have an effective financial strategy working for you for as long as you need it?

Knowing where to find answers to your financial concerns will help ease some of the stress and give you peace of mind during retirement. After all, you worked hard all your life and you deserve to enjoy your retirement years! You’d like enough money to live comfortably, cover medical expenses, and help others as you desire.

For guidance and financial advice in retirement, here are some helpful resources:

  1. Financial Information Service – This is a free, confidential offering from the Department of Human Services. They can help you make informed decisions about financial and investment issues affecting you now and into the future. They also provide education and information on lifestyle concerns.
  2. Money Smart – This is the official website of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. It has tips and tools to help you successfully negotiate the financial landscape during retirement.
  3. Financial Counselor – Find free financial counseling through the Money Smart website. You can get confidential help to negotiate with creditors if you have debts, organise your finances, and create a responsible budget.
  4. Financial Adviser – Choose an adviser to help with wealth management, retirement planning, savings planning, superannuation and portfolio administration. They are also qualified to give advice on managed funds and other financial products.
  5. Department of Social Services – Here you’ll find many practical, easy-to-read articles and publications to help make your retirement years rewarding and enjoyable.

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