Working as a Carer for the Elderly

Working as a Carer for the Elderly - lady serving lunch and talking to senior woman

Working as a Carer for the Elderly

Are you interested in becoming a carer for the elderly? Working in the aged care industry can be a very rewarding and meaningful career choice. As the population continues to age, there’s an increasing number of career opportunities for people who have a great attitude and the right skills to provide positive assistance to older persons who require additional support. Working with the elderly also gives people the opportunity to assist older Australians who are wise, experienced and have dealt with all the curveballs life has thrown them.

So what are some of the things to consider if you want to work in the aged care industry as a carer for the elderly?


A caring attitude, positive outlook, great communication skills, a natural empathetic personality and the ability to understand the older persons’ needs are all important.

You need to be adaptable and flexible, have the ability to remain professional within boundaries and to encourage a person’s capabilities so they retain their independence and self-esteem.

What does an aged care worker do?

Aged care workers provider physical care and emotional support to older people who require assistance with daily tasks. These services are generally provided within a residential aged care home or in the home of a person still living in the community. Tasks include assistance with regular activities such as dressing, washing, eating, taking medication, looking after clinical needs and encouraging engagement with the community and their hobbies and activities.

Qualifications and roles available

The minimum qualification required to work as a carer in the aged care industry is generally a Certificate III in Aged Care. There is, however, a diverse range of roles on offer which require a variety of skills and qualifications. These roles included personal care workers, qualified Registered Nurses, lifestyle and wellbeing staff, allied health and hospitality professionals.

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